Caracol design combines the heritage and savoir-faire of our tradition master craftsmen with the excellent possibilities offered by 3D printing, delivering unique combinations of arts and materials in our products.

A post-industrial, new Made in Italy.

Wandering in a present, shifting between past and future, chasing new manners of making, on a seesaw among tradition and innovation, in equilibrium on that transient point of contact which is always there, always moving, always real.

We dream it on the screen and we put it into print: not designers tout court, winking sympathetically to our tradition master craftsmen and their limits, we create something new in a new way, where design defines production and not vice versa.

If you ask us, we are digital artisans.


Pure design, human-centric.

No chaotic factories, no huge buildings, no grey smokestacks: tiny art-house nests all over the world, producing remotely and upon request only.

It is a short step between invention, the sketch of the designer and the final creation. The lack of intermediaries or intricate processes results in more conscious working solutions, in a right space consumption, in a fair price for a great idea.

Like the Mediterranean wind, primary source of inspiration and dialogue, Caracol carries on a strong sense of liberty: in a post-industrial reality where thinking, creating and delivering are everywhere and every time, drawing excellent design histories means flaunting a production that grows polished, distinct, eco-friendly, in a unique harmony with nature.

If you ask us, we love freedom.


All the expressive and productive perfection find in Nature.

Some of the best human discoveries and inventions have been made by imitating nature and this is no exception. Industry is made of assembly routine, while nature claims for itself the possibility to grow and evolve organically to either complex or simple forms. Think about trees, our very epidermis or shells.

Caracol is the Spanish word for one of the little wonder of nature. Snails are born with a shell that continues to grow as they produce new material: building up a new component in layers by depositing material is exactly the additive system at the heart of 3D printing.

If you ask us, we love nature.


Research and development.

Constantly interested in new approaches to production, design and manufacturing, we investigate possibilities and advancement in 3D printing technologies in areas where conventional creation shows all of its limitations. Looking for innovative and sustainable methods to increase creative possibilities, envisioning a system where functional features are integrated and optimised at their best, pursuing a maximum degree of design freedom.

If you ask us, we want more.



Caracol creates, produces and certifies every single item, as every Caracol good is a unique and precious design piece, made with care and attention to details. It is an acknowledgement to the artisans and artists that work with us and to our customers and public.

A certificate of excellence of an authentic Made in Italy: it’s tradition, uniqueness and beauty.

Ask us. We are Italians.