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Levante is the Italian word for a warm wind that blows from the eastern Mediterranean to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Inspired by the curves designed by the encounter of the two natural elements, the vase turns as it stretches, cut through by linear ripples.

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The Levante vase is inspired by the curves designed by the warm wind on the Mediterranean Sea, featuring a rapid rotation in its swirl movement. Made of white bio-plastic, the vases of the Eolic collection display dynamic sinuous curves pouring from a base of shaped plywood: formal expressions materializing thanks to the most sophisticated techniques of additive manufactory anchored to one of the most natural and classic materials.    

Organic white PLA; Plywood

Size (cm)

12 x 12 x 32

Weight (Kg)


Production & Delivery Time

Every piece is made-to-order and requires 2-3 weeks to be produced. Hence the delivery is immediate after the production completes.


Every design comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, manually numbered, to confirm its real Made in Italy, by Caracol Design.

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